Order Up

Order Up - Photo Number: CP_5492_Order_Up-20231010.jpg
Reg.: I-283720
Brand: 170/9
DOB: 4/7/2019
Color: R/W
Weight: 1390

(on 12/8/2023)

Horns: 77.75

(on 12/8/2023)

Rebel HR WF Commando Hunts Command Respect
Chop Sticks
HR Slams Rose Grand Slam
LLL Rosemary
Point of Order - Photo Number: h_9464.jpg
Point of Order
Clear Point Clear Win
Win Win
Bowl of Roses
Idle Frenzie
Mile Marker
Win High
Snap Strap Black Strap
Over Kill
Idle Frenzie
Dragy Draft
Drag Iron


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