Levin - Photo Number: j_3032.jpg
Reg.: I-289135
Brand: 74/0
DOB: 6/2/2020
Color: Red Brindl
Weight: 1372

(on 11/29/2022)

Horns: 79.38

(on 11/29/2022)

Levin is the second son of Cut'n Dried used at DCC. He was selected for service on whiter colored cows. His pattern will darken, add brindle, increase gain and correctness. The jury is still out on his mature horn spread, but it is going the perfect direction, he has a high IQ -- all good so far. NFS

Sire - Cut'N Dried - Photo Number: g_3743.jpg
Cut'N Dried
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Sequoia Flair - Photo Number: j_7206.jpg
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