Texas Freckles

Texas Freckles - Photo Number: texas_freckles.jpg
Reg.: T-1445
Brand: 219
DOB: 4/19/1974
Color: R/W spk
He is sired by Texas Ranger, out of a Chief Ouray daughter. Texas Freckles was the major horn sire on the famous Haythorn Ranch in Nebraska. He sired numerous cows in the mid 50" for horn & consistently sired red & white polka-dot color. Two major producers found with large numbers that Texas Freckles would sire over 80% females. We do not understand this phenomena, but it has proven to be correct in over 200 calves born. He has the highest consistency of siring red & white speckled heifers, of a beautiful type, of any bull in the industry. Although he has been deceased for over 15 years, he is still used in frozen semen. Use him for colorful, typey heifers.

Sire - Texas Ranger JP - Photo Number: ranger.jpg
Texas Ranger JP
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Classic Reflection
Texas Ranger JP
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