Bouncer - Photo Number: bouncer.jpg
Reg.: T-27361
Brand: 241
DOB: 8/6/1982
Color: Brndl & Wh
Bouncer is sired by Copy Cat and is a blend of Butler, with Wichita Refuge, Texas Ranger & a slight touch of Yates breeding. Bouncer is famous for his ability to sire unbelievably huge horned steers with huge base circumference. He is the leading sire of huge circumference horn in the history of the Longhorn breed. He often sires calves with brindle & lacy faced coloration. Bouncer was bred and raised by Robert Shultz, purchased by Dickinson Cattle Co and then sold to the famous wrestler, Andre The Giant. His steer sons are famous in Colorado and still winning Championships under the toughest competition. El Sid and Hop along-Chastity are the most famous, although a number of Bouncer progeny had huge horn base. El Sid has 26.5" horn base circumference. This was the special huge horn base that only Bouncer sired during the eighties and nineties. The World Champion bull Clear Win is a line bred Bouncer.

Copy Cat Bold Copy Bold Ruler
Lilly White Bold Ruler
WR 2120
Show Girl 11 Zorro Ranger Texas Ranger JP
Zorro Anna
Show Girl 58 WR 2522
Archer #1


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Jet Bound
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