Smoke'N Fin

Smoke'N Fin - Photo Number: 1977_3.jpg
Reg.: X-04072000
Brand: 7/0
DOB: 4/7/2000
Color: Grul/W
Weight: 1585

(on 6/10/2002)

Smoke'n Fin by Kick-A-Fin and out of Smoke'N Circle by Circular. Photo at 22 months. Although his grullo/silver color is not acceptable by the BBCS for registration, his calves are more in demand than the red or black belted. A few of his grullo sons will be available in the future.

Sire - Kick-A-Fin - Photo Number: 1768_37.jpg
Kickadingo of Flying Cross Dingo of Flying Cross
Hammerjack of Flying Cross
Kilburne of FC
Kickanina of Flying Cross
Lulu Belle of Flying Cross
Findowrie of Flying Cross Freightrain
Davie B of Tillamook
Vickerman hill Supreme
Western Sky Winner
Rowsey Sieker Regina
Smoke'N Circle Circular Ultimate Circle
D.H. Socks
D.H. Barbs Boy Wb
D.H. Tresdle Wb
Rank Slamming Royalty
Unknown Charlois

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