Night Line

Reg.: B-2404

Brand: 260/5

Color: BLK/W

DOB: 3/26/1995

BW: 82.0

Weight: 1850     6/14/1999

He is by Chancellor by Chad of FX. His dam was a 3/4 Dutch Belt Dairy cow and daughter of Ultimate Circle. His son LIne Dancer and numerous daughters continue his genetics. He was strong belting with heavy milking daughters and performed well in every way.

Chad Of Flying Cross Chilingo Of Flying Cross Yuma A Ca No. 100643
Biggar Of Flying Cross
Kilgore Of Flying Cross F X Freightain
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Dh Tresdle Wb5030 Dh Moonbeam Wb
Monetle Db

r_1605.jpg - Gone On Line Gone On Line
1793_20.jpg - Line Dancer Line Dancer
s_1397.jpg - Night Nettle Night Nettle