Chance Call

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Reg.: B-2415

Brand: 278/5

Color: Blk/W

DOB: 6/8/1995

BW: 67.0

Weight: 1740     12/17/1997

Chad Of Flying Cross Chilingo Of Flying Cross Yuma A Ca No. 100643
Biggar Of Flying Cross
Kilgore Of Flying Cross F X Freightain
F X Band Aid Buela
Robbi Slam Slamming Royalty Slammer ASA
Royalty ASA
Roberta D H Showboat Wb
Mel Acres Spot 2 Wb

Circle Amenia
Ultimate Circle Ultimate Premier Noir
Roberta Dh Showboat Wb
Mel Acres Spot 2 Wb
Amenia Druid Of Flying Cross Hammerjack Of Flying Cross
Flying Cross Violynn
Holstein X Black Angus Black Angus

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