Fin'M All

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Reg.: B-4358

Brand: 14/0

Color: B/W+2

DOB: 5/4/2000

BW: 86.0

Weight: 1595     5/29/2008

Kickadingo of Flying Cross Dingo of Flying Cross Hammerjack of Flying Cross
Kilburne of FC
Kickanina of Flying Cross Yuma
Lulu Belle of Flying Cross
Findowrie of Flying Cross Freightrain Davie B of Tillamook
Vickerman hill Supreme
Violynn Western Sky Winner
Rowsey Sieker Regina
Above It All Belt Above Buster Creiver Emanation Of Fx
Ediths Rose
Willow Wye William The Conqueror
Black Warpath Miss
Ronda F38 American American Express
Charolais #11