True Edition

Reg.: B-4924

Brand: 27/2

Color: Blk/W+3

DOB: 4/4/2002

BW: 85.0

Weight: 1545     11/9/2011

Papa True Paparazzi B-Rouge-Chi Dingo Of Flying Cross
Leveldale of Flying Cross
Princessa Imperial Prince
BDFC 60/0
True Value Truism Buster Crevier
Dh Tresdle Wb5030
251 Angus
Circle Secret Ultimate Circle Ultimate Premier Noir
Roberta Dh Showboat Wb
Mel Acres Spot 2 Wb
Mitze Of Flying Cross Chertwell Of Fx Chilingo Of Fx
Dora Of Fx
Lyndal Of Flying Cross Freightrain Of Fx
Glenfalloc Of Fx


v_0829.jpg - Fun And Games
u_3463.jpg - True Edition x Dip Stick - 2008 Bull
x_7288.jpg - True Edition x Dip Stick - 2011 Calf