Cycle Silk

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Reg.: B-5188

Brand: 12/3

Color: Bk/W

DOB: 3/23/2003

BW: 74.0

Weight: 1210     5/28/2013

Cycle Progress
Wulfs Polled Progress Wulfs Businessman Craftsman
OSNW Belle
Miss Wolfette 9081 Waddles Enforcer
Miss Wolfette 3339
Dingular Circular Ultimate Circle
D.H. Socks
Dingo Trader Dingo Of Flying Cross
Night Trader
Fin'M All Kick-A-Fin Kickadingo of Flying Cross Dingo of Flying Cross
Kickanina of Flying Cross
Findowrie of Flying Cross Freightrain
Above It All Belt Above Buster Creiver
Willow Wye
Ronda F38 American
Charolais #11

b_8177.jpg - Yard Of Silk Yard Of Silk
y_7051.jpg - Cycle Silk x Power Game - 2012 Heifer Cycle Silk x Power Game - 2012 Heifer