Graphic Progress

Reg.: B-5190

Brand: 9/3

Color: B/W

DOB: 5/18/2003

BW: 72.0

Weight: 1715     6/12/2006

Is the ultimate Buelingo sire. He combines the elite type of Cycle Progress, his sire, plus the beauty and style of his dam Calligraphy by Dakota Marshall. Graphic Progress is recommended for belting both registered and non belted cows. He is extremely trim fronted with a huge hind quarter. He has the true Limousin shape and the flamboyant Buelingo color. His dam never misses and weighed 1500 lbs top weight. Birth weight 72 lbs. This is a family that gives the small birth weights and large weaning weights.

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d_6677.jpg - Graphic Tally Graphic Tally
a_8687.jpg - Dip Talley x Graphic Progress - 2014 Heifer Dip Talley x Graphic Progress - 2014 Heifer
b_6734.jpg - Graphic Grasp Graphic Grasp
b_6746.jpg - Graphic Tally Graphic Tally