Ulti Fin

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Reg.: B-5511

Brand: 11/4

Color: B/W+1

DOB: 3/30/2004

BW: 93.0

Weight: 1290     10/25/2007

Burnt Fin Kick-A-Fin Kickadingo of Flying Cross Dingo of Flying Cross
Kickanina of Flying Cross
Findowrie of Flying Cross Freightrain
Call Holding Chance Call Chancellor
Circle Amenia
Mildred of Flying Cross Chertwell of Flying Cross
Farwell of Flying Cross
Ulti Oriska Ultimate Circle Ultimate Premier Noir
Roberta Dh Showboat Wb
Mel Acres Spot 2 Wb
Oriska Druid Of Flying Cross Hammerjack Of Flyingcross
FX Violynn
Holstein/Black Angus Black Angus

z_6656.jpg - Extra Fin Extra Fin