Fun And Games

Reg.: B-6314

Brand: 6/6

Color: B/W

DOB: 4/12/2006

BW: 77.0

Weight: 1710     6/10/2009

His low 77 lb. birth weight and 628.57 lb 205 weight with no grain or creep feed is considered good sire material. His dam, a Papa True daughter, was in the top 3 performers at 205 & 365 days. He is thick, big and calves very easy. His 100% performance testing, long correctly belted pedigree, and rapid gain achieves the low birth and rapid consistent gain demanded at DCCI.

Yard Of Fun
Yard Dog Garfield Of Flying Cross Kickadingo Of Flying Cross
Goochie Of Flying Cross
JJ Coeur D'Alene Prophet of V-3 Farms
V-3 Angus Cow
H&R Delite H&R Big Red Mr. C.F. 13
Hogau Belted #23
D.H.Q. Delite V-3 D.H. Q. Dingo
V-3 Archie's Delight

True Edition
Papa True Paparazzi B-Rouge-Chi
True Value Truism
Circle Secret Ultimate Circle Ultimate
Mitze Of Flying Cross Chertwell Of Fx
Lyndal Of Flying Cross


z_7397.jpg - Power Game
a_2472.jpg - Scarlet Kid
v_0950.jpg - Extra Fin x Fun And Games - 2009 Bull v_4239.jpg - Chrome Tally x Fun and Games - 2009 Bull v_4267.jpg - Dip Mo x Fun And Games - 2009 Heifer x_6428.jpg - Power Game