Ring of Fun

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Reg.: B-6857

Brand: 21/7

Color: R/W

DOB: 5/3/2007

BW: 78.0

Weight: 1190     11/7/2016

Yard Of Fun
Yard Dog Garfield Of Flying Cross Kickadingo Of Flying Cross
Goochie Of Flying Cross
JJ Coeur D'Alene Prophet of V-3 Farms
V-3 Angus Cow
H&R Delite H&R Big Red Mr. C.F. 13
Hogau Belted #23
D.H.Q. Delite V-3 D.H. Q. Dingo
V-3 Archie's Delight
Ring of Cross Ring Of Saturn Ultimate Circle Ultimate
Willow Wye William The Conqueror Wb
Black Warpath Miss 539
Cross Bear Red Bear Polled Diamond
Sor Lampe 74R
H Cross 404 Tornado Spear E 33


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