Reg.: I-00051214

Brand: 110/2

Color: R/W

DOB: 3/30/1992

BW: 69.0

Weight: 1990    

Horns: 56.75    

Semen: $10.00

He is sired by Zhivago, out of a daughter of Phenomenon. Both his sire & dam's sire combine the over 60" horn potential that is so sought after. Zigfield has a beautiful brindle, striped pattern with upper 50" horn measurement. He is recommended to breed for a complete pretty profile. He is good to use on cows with white, due to his dark brown, brindle coloration. Zigfield sired the biggest horn measurement on any DCCI bull of 1995. He is a strong sire of rich smokey colored, huge horned herd sires. His best sons are Fielder, Wanted Man, & Fultz Field.

King Royal Mounty Texas Lin
Archer #1
Miss Texas Ranger 262 Texas Ranger JP
Miss Alamo
Safari B 496 Don Quintana Don Quixote
Twisty Matilda
Safari B 119 YO Samson Boquillas 699
Baker Safari B 26

Hot Phenomenon
Phenomenon Superior Blue Horns
Droop Horns
Doherty 698 Senor Mulege
Wright 498
Prone To Be Hot TVR Hot Shot Rangers Dividend
Prone To Impress Impressive
Spotted Princess

1890_7.jpg - Fultz Field Fultz Field
fielder.jpg - Fielder Fielder