Reg.: I-00201406

Brand: 100/0

Color: BLACK

DOB: 3/13/1990

BW: 57.77

Weight: 2025     5/20/1994

Horns: 56.0     1/1/1997

Semen: $15.00

He is sired by Lockhorn, out of Choya, by Don Quixote. He was the tallest & longest, black Texas Longhorn bull in the early industry. He has 56" horns tip to tip. He does many of the same things for his progeny that Don Quixote did, except he sires more height, length & horn. He has the small ear, trim underline & the big bold Mexican appearance. Quill sires about 40% brindle & speckled calves & over 60% black or black speckled calves. Many are using Quill as an antidote for lighter colored smaller genetics. His most famous daughter is over 70" Sarasam, the widest horned black base cow in history. He was trained to ride and had a smooth fluid lope, turned and stopped well.

TVR Hot Shot Rangers Dividend
Better Yet Impressive
Ll & C Choya Don Quixote WR 1882
WR 1878
Bandera Wr2522
WR 2408

Sarasam.jpg - Sarasam Sarasam
r_1765.jpg - Haunani Haunani
1832_5.jpg - Quillette Quillette
1838_3.jpg - Sarasam Sarasam
t_6445.jpg - Sarasam 2007 Clone Sarasam 2007 Clone
Q Mountain Tip
Q Mountain Tip