Reg.: I-00202682

Brand: 120/1

Color: R/W

DOB: 5/17/1991

BW: 57.0

Weight: 1780     12/17/1997

Horns: 58.88     6/8/1996

Semen: $15.00

He is sired by Gunner, out of a daughter of World Champion, Jet Jockey. He matured to 60" T2T. Not Gunna is a beautiful blend of many of the greatest cattle in history. He is a 5 times line bred to Measles or her dam. His strength of genetics is phenomenal. His calves are consistently straight backed, trim and pretty. Use him on rough, coarse cows to get smooth progeny. He can straighten sway backs, droopy hips, heavy navel, sloppy neck skin and fix ugly heads. Semen available in Canada.

Texas Star Texas Ranger JP
Belle Star 31
Superior Symbol Superior
Rangers Measles
Not Dot Jet Jockey Bail Jumper Cowcatcher
Rangers Measles
Better Yet Impressive
Not Enough Ranger Texas Ranger Jr. Texas Ranger JP
Not Too Shabby WR 3239
WR 2495


2099_3.jpg - Queen Of Not
p_2686.jpg - Raffles
u_1708.jpg - Gunna Zip
p_2758.jpg - Not_So Fast
z_9429.jpg - Not_Drafty
y_7330.jpg - Gleaming Gun
T_6708.jpg - Not_Lethal
p_2339.jpg - Sadie Sam
r_3437.jpg - Gunna Be Grand
t_6612.jpg - Set The Pace
t_4714.jpg - Sarina
p_2537.jpg - Lethal Trigger - 75-1/4" T2T p_3603.jpg - Gunsel t_6464.jpg - Not Drafty v_1549.jpg - Gleaming Gun

RHF Celebrity Status - Sold at the 2006 Legacy Sale for $28,000
RHF Celebrity Status - Sold at the 2006 Legacy Sale for $28,000 Photo Credit: Wes and Carol Chancy