Reg.: I-00206612

Brand: 50/3

Color: R/W

DOB: 4/22/1993

BW: 82.0

Weight: 2080     1/22/2002

Horns: 54.63     11/8/2000

Semen: $25.00

He is the leading Longhorn sire of thickness. Many use Gizmo to add substance, color, and milk production to herds. He is sired by Zhivago and out of Blazon by Jet Jockey. Blazon is out of Rose Blade by Don Abraham and out of Ranger's Rose by Texas Ranger, out of the famous Butler cow Rose Red. This blend pedigree combines the greats of the breed. Those desiring thickness and rich red appaloosa color go for Gizmo. Gizmo is the sire of International Champions Paladin, Winchester, Remington, Detonator, Legacy ITLA Champion, Gizette and numerous beef type and colorful progeny. He weighed 2120 off cows in his prime. He sires more thickness than any bull used by DCCI. See him on You Tube.

King Royal Mounty Texas Lin
Archer #1
Miss Texas Ranger 262 Texas Ranger JP
Miss Alamo
Safari B 496 Don Quintana Don Quixote
Twisty Matilda
Safari B 119 YO Samson Boquillas 699
Baker Safari B 26

Jet Jockey Bail Jumper Cowcatcher
Rangers Measles
Better Yet Impressive
Rose Blade Bar M Don Abraham 3/0 Don Quxiote
Damn High
Rangers Rose Texas Ranger JP
Rose Red


jw_0332.jpg - Casting Light Casting Light
t_3137.jpg - Quixotic Quixotic
paladin.jpg - Paladin Paladin
P_3160.jpg - Winchester Winchester
v_5330.jpg - Geisha Geisha
y_6739.jpg - Purest Gold Purest Gold
v_1650.jpg - Zippin Sena Dew Zippin Sena Dew
2049_7.jpg - Volunteer Volunteer
v_5511.jpg - Glimpse Glimpse
p_2913.jpg - Giz Me Giz Me
t_2736.jpg - My Oh My My Oh My
v_3021.jpg - Gizmo Gail Gizmo Gail
p_4239.jpg - Gizmo's Rose Gizmo's Rose
v_2729.jpg - Gizette Gizette
p_1121.jpg - Utopia Utopia
r_4144.jpg - Gizette Gizette
s_2245.jpg - Zippin Sena Dew Zippin Sena Dew
s_2445.jpg - Geisha Geisha
t_3476.jpg - Gizmo Gail Gizmo Gail
v_1518.jpg - Casting Light Casting Light
v_5605.jpg - Purest Gold Purest Gold