Zhi Hot

Reg.: I-00208276

Brand: 107/4

Color: W/Blk hd

DOB: 3/6/1994

BW: 67.0

Weight: 1385     6/28/2005

Horns: 47.13     6/15/2007

This Zhivago daughter has produced the largest calves on the ranch. She weighs 1385 lbs. Her progeny includes 11 calves raised in 11 years and many are in the top 5% of weaning weights on DCCI. Every calf has been registered as a herd sire, riding steer or improvement female. She is dam of Hot Trail, Hot Blade, Nothing Personal (Cam of Shadow Savvy), Packing Iron, Shakey Shadow(Many times Champion Parade steer), Hotern Raffles, Finely Tuned(Show winner), Shalix, and Winning Feature. She is in embryo production for people who want great gain and size with registered Texas Longhorn credentials.

King Royal Mounty Texas Lin
Archer #1
Miss Texas Ranger 262 Texas Ranger JP
Miss Alamo
Safari B 496 Don Quintana Don Quixote
Twisty Matilda
Safari B 119 YO Samson Boquillas 699
Baker Safari B 26
Hot Quest TVR Hot Shot Rangers Dividend Texas Ranger JP
Panzarita Polly
Barbarella Zorro Ranger
Big Quest Rangers Big Un Texas Ranger JP
Miss Kitty
Donayates #3 Yates Longhorn
Yates Longhorn


s_4938.jpg - Shakey Shadow Shakey Shadow
2049_6.jpg - Hot'ern Raffles Hot'ern Raffles
r_5271.jpg - Finely Tuned Finely Tuned
shakey_shadow.jpg - Shakey Shadow - Riding Steer Shakey Shadow - Riding Steer