Coal Smoke

Reg.: I-205877

Brand: 92/3

Color: Grul/W

DOB: 4/18/1993

BW: 61.0

Weight: 2080     5/2/2003

Horns: 61.63     6/14/2005

Semen: $15.00

He is sired by Senator and out of Impressive Choice by Impressive. He is a full brother to World Champion Senior Cow, Senator's Choice who is the dam of Marshall & Ain't Gunna. His dynamic silver grullo pinto color is one of the most appreciated and unique of the old Spanish colors. He sires the complete quality package. His muscle and huge frame makes him a breed leader in that trait. His horns measure just over 61-1/8" He is the top silver grullo of the industry. Select him for high dollar grullo progeny. See him on You Tube.

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s_2092.jpg - Coal Cut
e_1811.jpg - Fire & Smoke
z_2666.jpg - Smoky Vision
x_4001.jpg - Smoke Arisen
t_3289.jpg - Smoken Loof
p_1946.jpg - Cactus Rose x Coal Smoke - 2004 Heifer p_1948.jpg - Gleaming Gun x Coal Smoke - 2004 Bull p_2488.jpg - Lethal Coe x Coal Smoke - 2004 Bull p_2547.jpg - Haunani x Coal Smoke - 2004 Bull
w_2501.jpg - Smoke Arisen y_3287.jpg - Smoky Vision