Reg.: I-210121

Brand: 91

Color: Brn/W lnbk

DOB: 5/19/1991

Weight: 1750     6/16/1998

Horns: 64.12     6/10/1996

Semen: $25.00

He is sired by No Double, out of a Superior daughter. Unlimited has horn measurements of 64 5/8" tip to tip, making him one of the largest horned Butler bulls in history. Unlike many of the other Butler bulls, he is dominantly dark walnut brown & speckled in color. Many of his calves are highly colorful & possess beautiful Butler horn traits. All four of his great grand dams possessed the tight corkscrew horn twist. He has the most stacked pedigree for corkscrew horn shape of any bull in history. Unlimited is recommended as a top sire if Butler genetics are desired. Recommended for breeding to tight skinned cows that aren't solid colored for awesome results. He is a major site of lacey faces.
No Double Classic Bevo
Maressa Milby 1/2
Miss Liberty 49*
Superior's Droopy Superior Blue Horns
Droop Horns*
Miss Droopy Lone Ranger 72
Droop Horns*


2118_30.jpg - Ungunned Ungunned
t_6579.jpg - Unsweetened Unsweetened
y_2669.jpg - Unbounded Symbol Unbounded Symbol
1969_33.jpg - Unchanged Unchanged
d_2820.jpg - Unlimited Smiles Unlimited Smiles
u_3024.jpg - Unforgetable Unforgetable
u_0839.jpg - Unsuspected Unsuspected
2055_7.jpg - Untarnished Untarnished
unspartly.jpg - Unspartly Unspartly
unparalleled_2.jpg - Unparalleled Unparalleled
2067_16.jpg - Unblemished Unblemished
jmsue.jpg - JM Sue JM Sue
w_3339.jpg - Unattainable Unattainable
u_2042.jpg - Unblazon Unblazon
v_1402.jpg - Unblinking Unblinking
y_5586.jpg - Ungunna Ungunna
t_4859.jpg - Unranga Unranga
t_1987.jpg - Untuned Untuned
2046_29.jpg - Unsinkable Unsinkable
v_1626.jpg - Tycoon Tycoon
s_2170.jpg - Unchecked Unchecked
p_2405.jpg - Unloofed Unloofed
a_8243.jpg - Unlimited Smiles Unlimited Smiles
t_4730.jpg - High Hickory x Unlimited - 2007 Heifer High Hickory x Unlimited - 2007 Heifer
t_6616.jpg - Unbounded Symbol Unbounded Symbol
unturned.jpg - Unturned Unturned
u_2452.jpg - Tycoon Tycoon
x_7073.jpg - Unbounded Symbol Unbounded Symbol
y_1105.jpg - Ungunna Ungunna
z_1938.jpg - Jay Jay x Unlimited Jay Jay x Unlimited