Westward Ho

Reg.: I-210702

Brand: 149/5

Color: Blk/W

DOB: 3/8/1995

BW: 57.0

Weight: 2175    

Horns: 55.3    

Semen: $12.00

He is a bold black specimen with show conformation. His black appaloosa colored progeny quickly grab the eye. His sire Jet Jockey was All Age World Champion in 1988 and his dam is a sleek Senator daughter. Westward Ho was exported to Australia and several valuable progeny represent him down under. His calves are easy to appreciate. Use him for black, show conformation and good flat horn. His progeny won at every level in the TLBAA system when owned by Bob Moore.

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2051_34.jpg - Westward Trek Westward Trek
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Buffalo Gal - Queensland, Australia
Buffalo Gal - Queensland, Australia
Owner: Michael Bethel, Horseshoe B Longhorns