Highway Man

Reg.: I-216855

Brand: 10/6

Color: Blk/W spts

DOB: 5/2/1996

BW: 63.0

Weight: 1910    

Horns: 54.78    

He is a flamboyant black splochy colored bull with trimness and clean profile. His ability to sire over 50% of his calves with black speckled color and another 25% with dark red specks almost guarantees high dollar progeny. He's sired by Senator and out of Amaze by Jet Jockey. He is used for his trim correct conformation, or flashy color, or perhaps both. He is a true value increasing sire. His kaleidoscopic calves are building his fan club. He's a specialist for high dollar color. He's the sire of Highway Hooter & High Road, both International Championship winners.

Overwhelmer Cowcatcher Texas Toro 60
Calico Gal
Doherty 698 Senor Mulege
Wright #489
Classic Reflection Classic Bevo
Alma II Wright Bull 413
Wright Cow

Jet Jockey Bail Jumper Cowcatcher
Rangers Measles
Better Yet Impressive
Amazing Shot Overwhelmer Cowcatcher
Doherty 698
Shot Full Of Class TVR Hot Shot
First Classer

r_1783.jpg - Cinder Road Cinder Road
y_6906.jpg - Obvious Fact Obvious Fact
1982_35.jpg - High Moon High Moon
r_3512.jpg - Happy Face Happy Face
T_3178.jpg - High Hickory High Hickory
p_4106.jpg - Hard Hat Hard Hat
t_5340.jpg - Highway To Heaven Highway To Heaven
r_4760.jpg - High Quill High Quill
2104_22.jpg - Hard Hat - Trained Riding Steer Hard Hat - Trained Riding Steer
a_2390.jpg - High Dingo High Dingo
s_1079.jpg - Zhimost x Highway Man - 2002 Steer Zhimost x Highway Man - 2002 Steer
t_1146.jpg - Shadow Thorn x Highway Man - 2003 Steer Shadow Thorn x Highway Man - 2003 Steer
v_0610.jpg - High Dingo High Dingo
w_7745.jpg - Obvious Fact Obvious Fact