Over Head

Reg.: I-220793

Brand: 88/7

Color: Bk/W


Weight: 1900    

Horns: 73.08     4/4/2007

Semen: $50.00

He is a son of Head Liner, out of the great clone cow Over Lynn. He was ITLA International All Age Champion Bull in 1999. He is the first true black base bull to grow over 6' horn T2T. He measures 73.33" T2T in 2007. He represents the great Don Quixote homozygous black factor which is the strongest line in the Longhorn industry. He is the sire of very large-horned spotted, trim, black and whites. No other true black base bulls rival OVER HEAD except his son OVER KILL. If you want, and like black, and avoid this family, the devil is squeezing his nasty fingers over your good eye. Recommended for light colored cows where improved conformation, structure and values are desired.
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s_0314.jpg - Over Drawn Over Drawn
u_5917.jpg - Overizzle Overizzle
jv_0228.jpg - Pompous Pompous
v_2232b.jpg - Over Kill Over Kill
jv_0211.jpg - Overizzle Overizzle
michelango.jpg - Michelango - 66" at 3 yrs. Michelango - 66" at 3 yrs.
p_3397.jpg - Gladiator - 18 Months Gladiator - 18 Months
r_775.jpg - Bait & Switch x Over Head - 2005 Heifer Bait & Switch x Over Head - 2005 Heifer
s_1522.jpg - Pompous Pompous
s_3013.jpg - Field Dandy x Over Head - 2006 Heifer Field Dandy x Over Head - 2006 Heifer