Pepper Time

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Reg.: I-224234

Brand: 129/8

Color: R/W spk

DOB: 4/12/1998

BW: 55.0

Weight: 1040     5/31/2007

Horns: 48.75     11/8/2006

Not_So Not Gunna Gunner Texas Star
Superior Symbol
Not Dot Jet Jockey
Not Enough Ranger
Shot Cio Buckshot Bail Jumper
Ranger Yet
Ignacio Imperial
Superior Quest
Pepperoni Dixie Sugar Boy Emperor Overwhelmer
Rangers Measles
Delta Charlene Prince Classic Fm165
Delta Queen
HH Black Pepper HH Midas Touch Rural Delivery
Horse Head Auacious
HH Bewitched Impressive
3M Texas Rose

r_1692.jpg - Dash Of Pepper Dash Of Pepper