Reg.: I-224421

Brand: 35/8

Color: Black

DOB: 3/15/1998

Weight: 1890     6/6/2005

Horns: 60.0     12/19/2005

This is a once only genetic package--Here's why. His sire is a 65" T2T and his dam is the famous Overlyn. She is the only longhorn cow in history to produce 7 over 70" T2T progeny. Here most famous son is over 70" Overhead who is a full brother to Adrenalin.

Adrenalin is blacker than Saddam Hussein's heart plus a few small white specks. His T2T is 59-1/2" today with worn down tips. Had his horns been full length, without extreme wear, he would easily be mid sixty inches. For conformation he is long, very tall, and extremely trim. He was used by DCCI with excellent results and also by Bill Burton on his whole NY herd. This is a sire that a nucleus herd could be developed with great success. He is very gentle. He is the center of the choice genetics of this industry. Sells with 100% semen rights.

Headliner FF248 Archer 92 Texas Lin
Archer #381
Texana Possum Spot Texana Wooly Bully
Archers Possum Eyes
Overlyn Overwhelmer Cowcatcher
Doherty 698
King's Lynn JWT King
Lyn Flyn J T

r_4192.jpg - Medley Medley
r_3982.jpg - Adrenalina Adrenalina
u_1505.jpg - Queen of Adrenalin Queen of Adrenalin
s_1707.jpg - Kiss My Toccata x Adrenalin - 2006 Bull Kiss My Toccata x Adrenalin - 2006 Bull
s_2814.jpg - Savvy Hitter x Adrenalin - 2006 heifer Savvy Hitter x Adrenalin - 2006 heifer