Reg.: I-224576

Brand: 64/7

Color: R/W

DOB: 4/16/1997

BW: 58.0

Weight: 2120    

Horns: 59.0     1/13/2004

He has a brilliant total presence. He's 2020 lbs. He's a speckled dark walnunt color. He sports an award winning disposition. He has great leg soundness. Horns just near the 60 mark. Sires bronze speckled calves. Sired the two largest horned females of the DCCI 2000 heifer crop. He has it all. Sire is Zigfield by Zhivago and out of 60" cow Impression by Measles Super Ranger and out of an Impressive cow. Sire of ITLA Champion Field of Pearls. He is getting famous for his great producing females. His daughters have producted Over Kill and Tempter.

Zhivago King Royal Mounty
Miss Texas Ranger 262
Safari B 496 Don Quintana
Safari B 119
Hot Phenomenon Phenomenon Superior
Doherty 698
Prone To Be Hot TVR Hot Shot
Prone To Impress
Impression Measles Super Ranger Texas Ranger JP Two Tone
Brazos Belle 182Nd
Measles WR 2161
WR 2495
Wix Impresiva 609 Impressive Don Quintana
Rangers Measles
Wix 111C Classy Don
Green Hills Marita


w_2934.jpg - Field Of Roses
t_5592.jpg - Lead The Field
v_4059.jpg - Fugue
t_3314.jpg - Out Fielder
x_4741.jpg - Field of Pearls
a_8573.jpg - Esmerelda
v_3606.jpg - Field Most
t_2833.jpg - Cyber Field
s_2126.jpg - Rosy Smile
z_4416.jpg - Field Me
t_3664.jpg - Special Blend
u_4791.jpg - Right Fielder
IMG_6569.jpg - Speckled Field p_1947.jpg - Choice Status x Fielder - 2004 Bull r_5458.jpg - Field Of Roses Speckled_Field.jpg - Speckled Field
s_2321.jpg - Jigsaw x Fielder - 2002 Steer s_5345.jpg - Field of Pearls t_2685.jpg - Field Most t_6529.jpg - Sassafras
T_7075.jpg - Burning Field w_3287.jpg - Field of Pearls z_6378.jpg - Esmerelda

Field Test by Fielder and out of a full sister to Senator
Field Test by Fielder and out of a full sister to Senator
Owner: Jimmy Jones