Reg.: I-224581

Brand: 151/8

Color: Red

DOB: 4/15/1998

BW: 66.0

Weight: 1890    

Horns: 71.5     5/16/2009

Semen: $35.00

He is a gold and black stripped brindle. His horn measurement of over 73" was one for the early record books. Possibly few, or no other bulls have ever matched this female siring ability. He is sired by The Shadow and out of a Zhivago daughter who is out of a Bail Jumper daughter. He has very correct conformation, a straight top line and good rate of gain. His sire is 2070 lbs. and his dam's sire is 2200 lbs. His birth weight was 66 lbs. Shadowizm sired Champion Shad Theme, Bella Belloucii, Capone and Jamakizm, all over 70" or 80" T2T. Many consider Jamakizm the greatest total all around sire in the nation although his untimely passing cut his breeding numbers short.

The Shadow
Senator Overwhelmer Cowcatcher
Doherty 698
Classic Reflection Classic
Alma II
Good Friday Dakota Kid Bar M Tornado 5/1
Dakota 1
Bellaire Colorado Cowboy
Nifty Fifty-Five

Zhivago King Royal Mounty
Miss Texas Ranger 262
Safari B 496 Don Quintana
Safari B 119
Bail News Bail Jumper Cowcatcher
Rangers Measles
Impressive News Newsworthy
Impressive Blessing


T_6267.jpg - Jamakizm
x_4020.jpg - Shad Theme
v_1099.jpg - Exquisite
x_2042.jpg - Trial Run
z_10694.jpg - Bella Bellucci
z_8562.jpg - Marquee
x_0787.jpg - Shazamm
s_1303.jpg - King's Shadow
t_5294.jpg - Expected Bliss
2052_27.jpg - Zipizm
2078_24.jpg - Westizm capone.jpg - Capone - 71" T2T S_4564.jpg - Casting Shadows t_5376.jpg - Marquee
u_3162.jpg - Bella Bellucci Vanizm-2.jpg - Vanizm v_3857.jpg - Bella Bellucci v_4822.jpg - Shad Theme
w_2024.jpg - Gruffizm 186/5 w_2231.jpg - Marquee W_3159.jpg - Trial Run x_1939.jpg - Churchill
x_2534.jpg - Wizard Struck x_5054.jpg - Vanizm - Owned by Larry McIntyre - 67.5" on his 3rd B-Day

WS Jamakizm
WS Jamakizm