Reg.: I-224588

Brand: 150/8

Color: R/W lnbk

DOB: 4/11/1998

BW: 73.0

Weight: 1950     6/11/2001

Horns: 59.25     10/26/2004

Semen: $15.00

He is an example of putting all the good traits in one genetic package. His has 59" horn. Twenty bulls in his pedigree are available in frozen semen. His dark red chocolate spotted color is rich. His very complete, fault free conformation is perfect as a show calf sire. His sire is Not Gunna and his dam is by Senator. Use him for the prettiest picture perfect calves. He's a lifetime genetic treasure for correctness. His dam produced famous clone cow Sarasam. His full sister produced Winchester.

Gunner Texas Star Texas Ranger JP
Belle Star 31
Superior Symbol Superior
Rangers Measles
Not Dot Jet Jockey Bail Jumper
Better Yet
Not Enough Ranger Texas Ranger Jr.
Not Too Shabby

Senator Overwhelmer Cowcatcher
Doherty 698
Classic Reflection Classic
Alma II
Gypsy King King Royal Mounty
Miss Texas Ranger 262
Lei Lani Rural Delivery


s_1627.jpg - Jump'N Raffles
2049_6.jpg - Hot'ern Raffles
t_3525.jpg - Lottery
r_5271.jpg - Finely Tuned
t_4777.jpg - Raffle Chaser
c_6780.jpg - Play The Raffle
p_3195.jpg - Lacy Lover
P_3572.jpg - Thistle
a_8687.jpg - Dip Tally x Graphic Progress - 2014 Heifer p_2719.jpg - Up The Score r_4098.jpg - Sticker Shock x Raffles - 2005 Heifer s_2316.jpg - Unanchored x Winchester - 2004 Steer
T_6542.jpg - Play The Raffle u_1828.jpg - Talk'N Head w_3955.jpg - Talking Head - Age 7 y_4061.jpg - Play The Raffle

Never Forgotten
Never Forgotten