Play The Field

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Reg.: I-227615

Brand: 430/9

Color: R/W

DOB: 4/17/1999

BW: 55.0

Weight: 1150     11/21/2008

Horns: 62.5     11/4/2011

Fultz Field
Zigfield Zhivago King
Safari B 496
Hot Phenomenon Phenomenon
Prone To Be Hot
Fultz 3F 558 Ruler Of Double H Bold Ruler
WR 1956
Texas Jack's Beauty 1 YO Texas Jack
YO Chiefs Beauty

Unlimited No Double Classic
Superior's Droopy Superior
Miss Droopy
Ranch Lady Ranger's Ranch Hand Texas Ranger JP
Doherty 698 Senor Mulege
Wright #489


c_6780.jpg - Play The Raffle
z_9828.jpg - Play The Jam
T_6542.jpg - Play The Raffle
y_4061.jpg - Play The Raffle