Reg.: I-228451

Brand: 465/9

Color: R/W

DOB: 4/11/1999

BW: 63.0

Weight: 2010     6/10/2005

Horns: 70.38     11/1/2006

Semen: $35.00

He has more tip to tip symmetrical horn spread than any show champion in history. He weighs over a ton and has over 73" T2T horn. He's a beautiful black, gold, white and bronze brindle. Great family disposition and International Jr. 2000 Bull Champion. He's by Gizmo an out of Sadie Sam who is by Not Gunna and out of a Senator daughter. He's one of the great DCCI blend genetics that replace many before him. No bull in this breed has the huge hip and trim conformation combo like Winchester and his sons. He has been used for embryo transfer and has embryos shipped to Europe. As a complete bull he had more of everything than any other bull before him. He is the sire of International ITLA Champion Jester and DCCI sire Win Win.

Zhivago King Royal Mounty
Miss Texas Ranger 262
Safari B 496 Don Quintana
Safari B 119
Blazon Jet Jockey Bail Jumper
Better Yet
Rose Blade Bar M Don Abraham 3/0
Rangers Rose

Sadie Sam
Not Gunna Gunner Texas Star
Superior Symbol
Not Dot Jet Jockey
Not Enough Ranger
Samsara Senator Overwhelmer
Classic Reflection
Gypsy King King
Lei Lani


a_9393.jpg - Broken Fruit
a_5861.jpg - Dance Contest
w_2073.jpg - Winners Tune
y_6310.jpg - Win Glass
w_3236.jpg - Win Win
b_6555.jpg - Winning Smile
b_6662.jpg - Naughty Pine
b_7169.jpg - Jester
v_5949.jpg - Blinker
v_2071.jpg - Victory Lap
x_2020.jpg - Winning Sky
y_5210.jpg - Markster
v_1502.jpg - Awesome Symbol
a_8616.jpg - Win Jubilee
v_1758.jpg - Win The Case
2115_19.jpg - My My My x Winchester Bull a_3995.jpg - Winning Smile a_6028.jpg - Naughty Pine a_9535.jpg - Winning Smile
BV_3172.jpg - Jester p_3303.jpg - Winner's Edge p_4348.jpg - Cute Conquest x Winchester - 2004 Bull s_4397.jpg - Hot Blade x Winchester 2006 Heifer
s_4411.jpg - Superficial x Winchester - 2006 Heifer t_0891.jpg - Dancer x Winchester - 2007 Bull u_1839.jpg - Unblinking x Winchester - 2003 Steer u_5257.jpg - Win Win
v_1545.jpg - Win Jubilee v_3017.jpg - Naughty Pine v_5566.jpg - Win Glass Wincredible.jpg - Wincredible
w_1917.jpg - Winning Sky w_2937.jpg - Win Jubilee w_3236.jpg - Win Win w_7120.jpg - Jester
x_2665.jpg - Naughty Pine x_3816.jpg - Broken Fruit x_6394.jpg - Jester x_7362.jpg - Winning Smile
z_9681.jpg - Dance Context

Leonardo da Vinci
Leonardo da Vinci Photo Credit: Bella Rio Ranch
Sir Winchester
Sir Winchester Photo Credit: Durrell Farnsworth
9 year old steer - Guthrie, Texas
9 year old steer - Guthrie, Texas Photo Credit: T D Kelsey