Lap Dancer

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Reg.: I-233218

Brand: 546/1

Color: R/W spk

DOB: 4/8/2001

BW: 68.0

Weight: 1270     6/20/2006

Horns: 52.75     11/10/2008

Highway Man
Senator Overwhelmer Cowcatcher
Doherty 698
Classic Reflection Classic
Alma II
Amaze Jet Jockey Bail Jumper
Better Yet
Amazing Shot Overwhelmer
Shot Full Of Class
Undaunted Unlimited No Double Classic
Superior's Droopy Superior
Miss Droopy
Queen Of Senator Senator Overwhelmer
Classic Reflection
Queen Of Kings King


2114_21.jpg - Lap Dancer x Shadow Savvy - 2003 Heifer Lap Dancer x Shadow Savvy - 2003 Heifer