Shadow Savvy

Reg.: I-233687

Brand: 107/1

Color: Blk/W

DOB: 4/10/2001

BW: 70.0

Weight: 2040     6/25/2004

Horns: 52.25     12/27/2004

He is completing his third DCCI breeding season. He was retained for Longhorn producers who believe in Longhorns being real competitive beef cattle. Savvy weighed 70 lbs. at birth, 589.33 lbs at 205 days and 2040 lbs in June of 2004. he was the best one year, and two year weight of any DCCI bulls his year. He sires VERY growthy and black spotted calves. He is very gentle. His dam has a top weight of 1450. Many people talk about beef type genetics, but Savvy's new owner will have one of the top gaining Longhorns in history. He is a beef lover's dream. His calves average 62.9 lbs at birth. What breed can provide a ton bull with under 63 lb. calving weight? With this bull, no other breed is necessary.
Available for purchase October 1st, 2004 $7000

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s_2865.jpg - Savvy Blend
2114_21.jpg - Lap Dancer x Shadow Savvy - 2003 Heifer p_1466.jpg - Highest Hour x Shadow Savvy - 2004 Heifer p_2903.jpg - Do Over x Shadow Savvy - 2004 Heifer p_3274.jpg - Highest Hour x Shadow Savvy - 2004 Heifer