Win The Case

Reg.: I-235993

Brand: 4/2

Color: W/Blk

DOB: 4/28/2002

BW: 61.0

Weight: 1060     5/29/2008

Horns: 65.38     11/20/2009

Gizmo Zhivago King
Safari B 496
Blazon Jet Jockey
Rose Blade
Sadie Sam Not Gunna Gunner
Not Dot
Samsara Senator
Gypsy King
The Showcase The Shadow Senator Overwhelmer
Classic Reflection
Good Friday Dakota Kid
Cute Conquest Conquest Mr. Measles
Safari B #231
Safari B 625 Don Quintana
Safari B #175


jw_0341.jpg - Case Duty
s_1678.jpg - Win The Case x Super Duty - 2006 Heifer
Win-By-A-Mile-3.jpg - LOOK AT THE HORN!! ALMOST 79 INCHES TIP TO TIP AND ONLY SEVEN YEARS OLD! She is a multiple Horn Showcase winner.
win_by_a_mile_2.jpg - That is her calf by Win Over born 12/12/2008. Her latest measurement on 11/30/2008 was 70 3/4 ttt and 87 th.