Win Win

Reg.: I-239254

Brand: 100/3

Color: W/Brn

DOB: 4/11/2003

BW: 61.0

Weight: 2055     6/11/2010

Horns: 73.63     11/22/2013

Semen: $25.00

He is a bull we could have only dreamed of 10 years ago. He has great smoothness combined with thickness in all the right places. He is an exact duplicate of Winchester with a little more Bouncer and Senator added. He will had gone past 73" and well over a ton in pasture conditin. Those who appreciate muscle love Win Win. Look at his great forearm, bone and hip, from just a tiny 61 lb birth weight. This is a combination not found in other breeds--try to name one this easy calving that makes a ton! His grand dam Bounce'N Lynn is a half sister to the dam of Super Bowl and Over Lynn. Use him on solid colored dark or red cows when more horn, thickness and bone is desired. Use him for perfect type and style. He is the sire of World Champion Clear Win. See You Tube.

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d_2332.jpg - Belluchi Fund
b_6164.jpg - Win Or Bust
y_1284.jpg - Winnipeg
c_4445.jpg - Win W Bliss
c_6300.jpg - Roses For The Winner
WinningRoses-20170502.jpg - Winning Roses
z_10187.jpg - Stampede Win
sycamore.jpg - Sycamore
c_4642.jpg - Raffle Drawn
a_5991.jpg - Triple Crown
a_5245.jpg - Clear Win
d_4478.jpg - Prostey Tot
Delta-Win.jpg - Delta Win
a_4333.jpg - Win or Bust b_3766.jpg - Belluchi Fund c_5242.jpg - Roses For The Winner Finish-Line.jpg - Finish Line
t_3131.jpg - Sena Dew x Win Win - 2007 Heifer v_1665.jpg - Sequoia Mark x Win Win - 2008 Bull v_1729.jpg - Pheno x Win Win - 2008 Bull v_3565.jpg - Mostly High x Win Win - 2009 Heifer
v_3720.jpg - Finders Fee x Win Win - 2009 Heifer v_4077.jpg - Bella Bellucci x Win Win - 2009 Bull v_6003.jpg - Unrafable x Win Win - 2009 Heifer w_3916.jpg - Tail Gate 14 - Age 4
w_7799.jpg - Raffle Drawn X_0948.jpg - Finish Line x_5245.jpg - Killer G x Win Win - 2011 Bull y_1161.jpg - Winnipeg
y_1517.jpg - Win W Bliss y_5358.jpg - Clear Win y_5939.jpg - Stampede Win y_6299.jpg - Prostey Tot