Reg.: I-242365

Brand: 265/3

Color: R/W

DOB: 4/2/2003

BW: 67.0

Weight: 1700     6/12/2007

Horns: 70.75     4/4/2007

Superb is a flamboyant Super Bowl son with horn pushing the full 6 foot measurement. His thick muscle and bold pinto coloration imitates his striking sire. His dam, Shadow Sequoia, by The Shadow, is also dam of the 100" T2T steer Sequoia Man. Superb combines all the horn-value genetics with thick conformation and dynamic color. His sire now has 17 sons over 70" T2T.

Super Bowl
Superman Overwhelmer Cowcatcher
Doherty 698
She's A Super Lady Measles Super Ranger
Texas Arby
Bouncer Blend Bouncer Copy Cat
Show Girl Ii
Kingly Blend King
Crusty Blend

Shadow Sequoia
The Shadow Senator Overwhelmer
Classic Reflection
Good Friday Dakota Kid
Monarch's Rachel Monarch 103 Bevo
Lady Butler
Pencil Horns Ken


v_3386.jpg - Fine Foil
z_3074.jpg - Superb Karma
z_2247.jpg - Cyber Superb
v_3388.jpg - Cyber Check
Super_All_Over.jpg - Super All Over Super_All_Over_2.jpg - Super All Over t_1975.jpg - Savvy Scandal x Superb - 2007 Bull t_2261.jpg - Draft Dodger x Superb - 2007 Heifer
t_2332.jpg - Win Coeta x Superb - 2007 Bull T_3621.jpg - Toccata x Superb - 2007 Heifer t_3645.jpg - Cyber Field x Superb - 2007 Heifer t_3667.jpg - Over Shadowed x Superb - 2007 Heifer
t_6478.jpg - Celestina x Superb - 2007 Bull t_7774.jpg - Draft Dodger x Superb - 2007 Heifer U_6985.jpg - Cyber Field x Superb - 2008 Heifer v_5049.jpg - Draft Worthy
X_7027.jpg - Wreck Havok