Noble Knight

Reg.: I-249013

Brand: 39/7

Color: Black

DOB: 3/28/2007

BW: 74.0

Weight: 1605     5/29/2010

Horns: 45.0     2/11/2009

Noble Knight's dam had 78.5" of horn and his sire is 78", a total of 156.5" T2Tof pure horn. This is his 3rd year to sire for DCCI. Both his horns are grubbed off. There will never be a full valid horn measurement for him. He is long, tall and black as 20 feet up an Ohio coal stack. Ample Noble stuff here. He is great for white cows needing horn and he sires black speckled calves.

Over Kill
Over Head Headliner FF248 Archer 92
Texana Possum Spot
Overlyn Overwhelmer
King's Lyn
Field of Pearls Fielder Zigfield
Pearl Senator

Unbounded Symbol
Unlimited No Double Classic
Superior's Droopy Superior
Miss Droopy
Kingly Symbol King Royal Mounty
Miss Texas Ranger 262
Superior Symbol Superior
Rangers Measles


b_4994.jpg - Noble Wine
c_2307.jpg - Noble Mark
a_5996.jpg - Noble Attempt
y_4932.jpg - Easy Eddie
a_3449.jpg - Noble Wine v_1462_calf.jpg - Shadow Slush x Noble Knight - 2009 Bull v_1480.jpg - Special Mark x Noble Knight - 2009 Calf v_2403.jpg - Valdosta x Noble Knight - 2009 Bull
v_4133.jpg - Valdosta x Noble Knight - 2009 Bull w_1756.jpg - Tempt You x Noble Knight - 2009 Heifer w_4533.jpg - Noble Attempt w_7699.jpg - Gleamizm x Noble Knight - Heifer
w_8985.jpg - Win Zone x Noble Knight - 2010 Bull x_2135.jpg - Powhatan x Noble Knight - 2011 Bull x_2216.jpg - Lynizm x Noble Knight - 2011 Heifer x_3711.jpg - Easy Eddie
y_1567.jpg - Noble Wine z_3084.jpg - Noble Attempt

Night Hawk
Night Hawk