Top Caliber

Reg.: I-249192

Brand: 401


DOB: 1/14/2004

Top Caliber is almost totally unrelated to the DCCI herd. His ancestral connection to DCCI genetics goes way back to Emperor, double bred Tabasco and double Dixie Hunter. His 85 1/8 T2T horn must be respected having won more horn measuring contests than any other sire in history. To avoid using Top Caliber semen if one wants very large horns is crazy. At DCCI TC is being mated to large beef type dark-colored females. Hopefully a great young bull will evolve from TC to add an unrelated strain. Not only is TC appreciated for his record horn, he has owners committed to professional marketing -- very important.
Hunts Command Respect Hunts Emperor WM Emperors Runamuck
WM TJ Taxi
Miss Rodeo America WM Rodeo
L Sparkle Command
Hashbrown Roundup Tango
Hashknife Tabasco


c_3997.jpg - Topette
b_6937.jpg - Top Contest
d_7846.jpg - Untopped
d_2695.jpg - Top Suspect
x_6868.jpg - Top Tide
Top-Hand-20180610.jpg - Top Hand
d_4567.jpg - Obvious Top
c_7235.jpg - Winning Caliber
d_7549.jpg - Top Most
d_7542.jpg - Super Caliber
a_5636.jpg - Top Hand a_8662.jpg - Topette b_1163.jpg - Top Hand b_4906.jpg - Obvious Top
b_6571.jpg - Super Caliber e_0568.jpg - Blissful Morn x Top Caliber - 2018 Heifer x_1767.jpg - Top Tornado x_2275.jpg - Top Tide
y_5410.jpg - Topette z_11037.jpg - Top Tool Z_3534.jpg - Winning Caliber z_7930.jpg - Top Tool