Home Run

Reg.: I-250912

Brand: 87/8

Color: W/R spk

DOB: 3/23/2008

BW: 54.0

Weight: 1280     6/13/2018

Horns: 66.38     11/21/2017

Shy Streaker
Winsome Winchester Gizmo
Sadie Sam
Precious Blade Blade Of Senator
H Cross 404
Lil Savvy Shadow Savvy The Shadow
Nothing Personal
Consider The Lilies Fielder
Sena Lil
Power Outage Mile Marker The Shadow Senator
Good Friday
Unchecked Unlimited
Right Fielder Fielder Zigfield
Ain't I Obvious Ain't Gunna
Cindy Crawford


c_6859.jpg - Home Run x Clear Point - 2016 Heifer Home Run x Clear Point - 2016 Heifer