Jubal Jangler

Reg.: I-251023

Brand: 22/7

Color: R/W

DOB: 6/20/2007

BW: 51.0

Weight: 1890     4/9/2013

Horns: 78.75     4/9/2013

Semen: $35.00

Jubal Jangler is the oldest son of Shadow Jubilee in sire service. He bred 2 years in Nebraska at McIntyre Ranch. With his black speckled parents his calves are highly colorful. His 77" tip to tip gives ample reason for confidence in his progeny. His sire is 79.5" and his dam was voted ULTIMATE COW at the 2010 World Show, now closing in on 90". Although no semen is available from Jubal Jangler at this time semen is $35 from his 5/8 brother, Trial Run. Cows bred to JJ are available from DCCI. JJ offers a great opportunity to add the famous Shadow Jubilee genetics to the national bloodlines.

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c_7153.jpg - Jangliss
d_6350.jpg - Striking Jangles
b_4766.jpg - Hit The Mark
a_8932.jpg - Passion's Jubilee
a_5296.jpg - Jiffy Jangler a_7988.jpg - Striking Jangles b_0666.jpg - Jangle Jester b_6148.jpg - Striking Jangles
c_1897.jpg - Shot of Jubal Dixie_Jangler.jpg - Dixie Jangler - Winner of 2013 Winchester Futurity d_3242.jpg - Shot of Jubal y_6110.jpg - Dear Sister x Jubal Jangler - 2012 Bull
y_6646.jpg - Win Mostly x Jubal Jangler - 2012 Heifer y_7319.jpg - Obvious Fultz x Jubal Jangler - 2012 Heifer y_7657.jpg - Bella Bellucci x Jubal Jangler - 2012 Heifer z_1203.jpg - Mark Maker x Jubal Jangler - 2013 Bull
z_8051.jpg - Choice Hitter x Jubal Jangler - 2013 Bull