Watch Out!

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Reg.: I-251061

Brand: 7/8

Color: R/W spk

DOB: 4/5/2008

BW: 62.0

Weight: 1055     10/24/2013

Horns: 62.0     10/24/2013

Mile Marker
The Shadow Senator Overwhelmer
Classic Reflection
Good Friday Dakota Kid
Unchecked Unlimited No Double
Superior's Droopy
Louise Little OT 100
OT 26th Anniversary

Play The Raffle
Raffles Not_Gunna Gunner
Not Dot
Samsara Senator
Gypsy King
Play The Field Fultz Field Zigfield
Fultz 3F 558
Unattainable Unlimited
Ranch Lady

c_5663.jpg - Jam Out! Jam Out!
b_5956.jpg - Jam Out! Jam Out!
e_5489.jpg - Jam Out! Jam Out!