Buck My Eye

Reg.: I-251328

Brand: 106/8

Color: W/R

DOB: 5/12/2008

BW: 62.0

Weight: 928     11/9/2011

Horns: 55.0     11/9/2011

Temptation's The Ace The Ace Superior
Lacy Jet
Lamb's Temptation Phenomenon
Bet I Can
Obviously Fultz Fultz Field Zigfield
Fultz 3F 558
Ain't I Obvious Ain't Gunna
Cindy Crawford

Super My My
Super Bowl Superman Overwhelmer
She's A Super Lady
Bouncer Blend Bouncer
Kingly Blend
My My My Senator Overwhelmer
Classic Reflection
Bounce N Lyn Bouncer
King's Lynn Jwt


x_1611.jpg - Buck My Eye x Winning Sky - 2010 Heifer Buck My Eye x Winning Sky - 2010 Heifer