Pajama Party

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Reg.: I-253877

Brand: 224/9

Color: R/w

DOB: 4/7/2009

BW: 60.0

Weight: 1158     10/22/2012

Horns: 65.13     10/22/2012

Shadowizm The Shadow Senator
Good Friday
Zither Zhivago
Bail News
Jamoka Circle K Donovan Senator
Miss Widespread Widespread 11/9
Doherty 174

Victory Party
Victory Lap Winchester Gizmo
Sadie Sam
Unattainable Unlimited
Ranch Lady
Party Line The Shadow Senator
Good Friday
Not_Lethal Not_Gunna
Lethal Coe


b_1163.jpg - Top Hand
d_7000.jpg - Clear Party
a_5636.jpg - Top Hand
c_8193.jpg - Clear Party
d_5676.jpg - Clear Party