Reg.: I-254122

Brand: 44/9

Color: R/W

DOB: 4/12/2009

BW: 59.0

Weight: 1198     6/1/2011

Horns: 57.88     6/1/2011

Another special Shadowizm son is here. He will be test bred to 25 heifers at DCCI in 2010. He is the impeccable entire Shadow family personified. He is one more refined generation with a slight Butler 25% out cross.

The Shadow Senator Overwhelmer
Classic Reflection
Good Friday Dakota Kid
Zither Zhivago King
Safari B 496
Bail News Bail Jumper
Impressive News
Farley Obvious Farlap Chex Monarch 103 Bevo
Lady Butler
Dark Str B R3 R3 Dylan
Cinnamon Graves RG948
Ain't I Obvious Ain't Gunna Not Gunna
Senator's Choice
Cindy Crawford Senator
Rose Blade


x_5149.jpg - Charmed Im Sure x Churchill - 2011 Bull Charmed Im Sure x Churchill - 2011 Bull