Fast Friend

Reg.: I-254123

Brand: 50/9

Color: R/W

DOB: 4/24/2009

BW: 59.0

Weight: 888     12/3/2010

Horns: 57.75     4/22/2011

From over 200 bull calves came this special Super Fast son to be test bred to DCCI heifers in 2010. He allows a first line mating to double breed Temptations the Ace back on Tempter daughters. The careful planned matings are sure to please. He is the best horn of the 2009 bulls at DCCI. Look at the goodies in his pedigree.

Super Fast
Super Bowl Superman Overwhelmer
She's A Super Lady
Bouncer Blend Bouncer
Kingly Blend
Not_So Fast Not_Gunna Gunner
Not Dot
Sentimental Senator
Senor Spear

Tempted Friend
Temptations The Ace The Ace Superior
Lacy Jet
Lamb's Temptation Phenomenon
Bet I Can
Feathered Friend Not_So Not Gunna
Shot Cio
Feather Dancer Blade Of Senator
Feather Horn


c_6945.jpg - Precious Friend
b_7181.jpg - Precious Friend Janelle_59H.jpg - Janelle x Fast Friend calf with Kara Dickinson x_1683.jpg - Tempestuous x Fast Friend - 2011 Heifer x_2479a.jpg - Janelle x Fast Friend - 2011 Heifer
x_2873.jpg - Jamelle x Fast Friend - 2011 Heifer x_7291.jpg - Anchor Leg x Fast Friend - 2011 Heifer