Win Or Bust

Reg.: I-254162

Brand: 295/9

Color: R/W

DOB: 5/10/2009

BW: 66.0

Weight: 1265     6/22/2016

Horns: 72.63     11/18/2016

Win Win
Winchester Gizmo Zhivago
Sadie Sam Not Gunna
My My My Senator Overwhelmer
Classic Reflection
Bounce N Lyn Bouncer
King's Lynn Jwt
Pheno Phenomenon Superior Blue Horns
Droop Horns
Doherty 698 Senor Mulege
Wright 498
Ungunned Unlimited No Double
Superior's Droopy
Gunna Be Me Not Gunna
Sena Me


c_4456.jpg - Win The Joust
a_8923.jpg - Win The Joust
b_6990.jpg - Win The Joust
z_2199.jpg - Win Or Bust x Jolter - 2012 Bull