Friendly Anchor

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Reg.: I-257413

Brand: 83/1

Color: R/W spltd

DOB: 3/26/2011

BW: 64.0

Weight: 810     5/27/2014

Horns: 40.75     10/24/2013

Fast Friend
Super Fast Super Bowl Superman
Bouncer Blend
Not_So Fast Not_Gunna
Tempted Friend Temptations The Ace The Ace
Lamb's Temptation
Feathered Friend Not_So
Feather Dancer

Anchor Leg
Victory Lap Winchester Gizmo
Sadie Sam
Unattainable Unlimited
Ranch Lady
Unanchored Unlimited No Double
Superior's Droopy
Not_Sarah Not Gunna
Miss Sarah


a_1440.jpg - Friendly Anchor x Top Hand - 2014 Heifer Friendly Anchor x Top Hand - 2014 Heifer