Reg.: I-259956

Brand: 215/1

Color: W/R Spk

DOB: 10/10/2011

BW: 68.0

Weight: 1916     6/16/2016

Horns: 73.5     11/15/2016

He is a DCCI dream blend with the popular Drag Iron -- Jester blend. This connects the great Winchester and Jamakizm. His calves are mostly very speckulated from nose to tail, tiny heads and huge hips. His correctness will demand polite gentlemen to remove their covering and savor a moment of silence. Annex has agreed to finish the breeding season for his famous sire. What large hooves to fill???

Drag Iron
Jamakizm Shadowizm The Shadow
Jamoka Circle K Donovan
Miss Widespread
Shining Victory Victory Lap Winchester
Shining Through Adrenalin
The Shining

Winchester Gizmo Zhivago
Sadie Sam Not Gunna
JuJu Jet Jockey Bail Jumper
Better Yet
Kookachoo Zhivago


b_5599.jpg - Annex Line
b_8657.jpg - Ro Ann
c_6480.jpg - Zayden
c_3232.jpg - Annex Switch
c_6540.jpg - Idle Image
d_6774.jpg - Nex Teu Win
a_2043.jpg - Silent Shout x Annex - 2014 Heifer a_2048.jpg - Super Silent x Annex - 2014 Heifer a_4135.jpg - Twigger x Annex - 2014 Heifer a_4233.jpg - Willow Switch x Annex - 2014 Heifer
a_5459.jpg - Rolex x Annex - 2014 Heifer a_6322.jpg - Superior Suspect x Annex - 2014 Heifer a_8040.jpg - Fast Jolt b_1585.jpg - Ro Ann
b_2901.jpg - Toss The Jam x Annex - 2015 Heifer b_4683.jpg - Belluchi Fund x Annex - 2015 Bull b_4885.jpg - Date Flash x Annex - 2015 Bull b_6981.jpg - Belluchi Fund x Annex - 2015 Bull
b_7328.jpg - Jizelle x Annex - 2015 Heifer b_8665.jpg - Nex Teu Win c_0943.jpg - Idle Frenzie x Annex - 2015 Bull d_3259.jpg - Limited Annex

Annex Son "Bulluci"
Annex Son "Bulluci"