Hoo Ray

Reg.: I-264081

Brand: 185/2

Color: Red

DOB: 3/21/2012

BW: 63.0

Weight: 1715     6/2/2015

Horns: 84.25     11/9/2017

This big smoky bull is well into the eighties now. He is the Jamakizm son of choice for DCC this year. Everyone should breed at least one Jamakizm son every year. His dam is a DCC 1300 lb cow with an 86+" spread. He is expected to do exactly what his sire did, except hopefully more extreme. Will be used on cows needing darkening, smok'en-up and more pounds of beef. Pounds, pounds.

Shadowizm The Shadow Senator
Good Friday
Zither Zhivago
Bail News
Jamoka Circle K Donovan Senator
Miss Widespread Widespread 11/9
Doherty 174

Theme Song
Super Duty Super Bowl Superman
Bouncer Blend
Dancer Jet Set
Feather Dancer
Shad Theme Shadowizm The Shadow
Not_Gruffy Not Gunna
Senator's Score