Clear Road

Reg.: I-269123

Brand: 102/4

Color: R/W

DOB: 4/7/2014

BW: 55.0

Weight: 1060     6/13/2018

Horns: 63.25     11/20/2018

Clear Win
Win Win Winchester Gizmo
Sadie Sam
My My My Senator
Bounce N Lyn
Bowl of Roses Super Bowl Superman
Bouncer Blend
Field Of Roses Fielder

Top Suspect
Top Caliber Hunts Command Respect Hunts Emperor
Miss Rodeo America
Hashbrown Roundup
Unsuspected Unlimited No Double
Superior's Droopy
Not_Lethal Not Gunna
Lethal Coe


e_10499.jpg - Clear Road x Hooray - 2018 Bull Clear Road x Hooray - 2018 Bull